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Ever felt a deep desire to connect with art? Ever wished to help artists to receive the recognition and amenities they deserve? A story begins with such a fancy, where two young people, driven by love for art decided to start a movement, to connect art and artists to opportunities and people, and to create an environment where different kinds of art flourish.

It all began in the summer of 2015. The vision of a movement to empower artists began in two different landscapes. A SAP Consultant in Mumbai and an internet policy researcher in Delhi. Bonded by the passion for art and social entrepreneurship, the seeds of ideation of Artociate bore the fruits of driving change.

On board, came new members. The tribe grew. A team of 11 part-time and full-time working professionals supported 10 artists to organize events at different locations in South Mumbai and Bandra. Artociate soon became registered as Heterotopia Media and Entertainment Private Limited in May 2017. As the passionate and driven Artociate Team spreads its wings from Mumbai to Delhi, we cordially invite you to witness and support this journey.



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Iron Buzz Tattoo Studio

Our story begins in two different landscapes. A SAP Consultant in Mumbai and an academic (specializing in Internet issues) in Delhi. Artociate was born with a telephonic conversation between our protagonists in May 2015, who were introduced by a mutual friend. As the conversation grew, entrepreneurship. Hence, our exponents decided to take a step further from ideation to execution stage.

06 Feb 2017

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