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Here’s a few answers to our most common questions

Artociate.com is a portal for lovers and connoisseurs of art. We aim to build a self-sustaining ecosystem for art, which will provide a platform to aspiring artists. We help you build credible networks and empower you to unleash your creativity/talent.
We bridge the gap between the artists and the hosts (i.e. owners of a location) and facilitate organizing art events, by showcasing talent at these locations.
At Artociate, art is a medium for expression, expression of thoughts, opinions, emotions and innate desires.

We don’t limit the contours of something as vast as art by defining it. Art is the spontaneous flow of imagination and feelings morphed into different forms like words, music, dance or drama. For your talent to get the platform in a particular location, you only need an audience and an approval from the location owner.
Artociate is an open and inclusive portal. We believe everyone is an artist in a unique way. You get the talent and we’ll set the stage.
The eligibility criteria is simple: passionate art-lovers. So feel free to bring in your guitar and jam up at one of the coolest places in town. Or creating an aura of love, rhythm and tranquility with your composition. We welcome the denizens of internet to explore the endless opportunities at Artociate.
At Artociate, we don’t charge artists or art location owners to connect with each other on our portal. We are different because we are driven by our core values and philosophy, we have demarcated the line between what we stand for and what we don’t. Artociate values the voice of people, the power of their emotions and the uniqueness of their potential.

Additionally, if either of the parties require any additional assistance or services from us; they will have to pay for it. To know more about these services, keep reading.
Artociate primarily builds a community of artists and hosts on a single platform free of cost. Besides networking, we provide other chargeable services like payment escrow services, legal services, graphic design services, social media promotion services and videography services for our artists and hosts.
We are responsible only for the chargeable services provided by us. Users are advised to exercise their own discretion as they connect with other users on our portal.
Artists and Hosts can avail our payment escrow services to ensure that payments are completed. Hosts are requested to deposit the entire amount for the event in advance.
Alternatively, they can avail our legal services to come up with a contract to determine terms and conditions for the payment.
Artociate.com gives you an opportunity to network with a wide range of artists from across the nation. We bring art forms and artists from the nooks and corners onto a single platform. We offer extensive services to kick-start and sustain your artistic career, be it portfolio building or finding new projects. We’ll also keep you informed about the industry trends and guide you in order to take strides in your professional journey.
At Artociate, we harness the potential of online community and welcome online registrations from art lovers across the world.
Currently, we are based out of Mumbai and operating across the city. We intend to plan and execute the expansion of our art movement across different parts of India.


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